The minions of the dark god Mshak are gathering armies and preparing to wage a war of domination and enslavement upon the rest of the known world. One force stands firmly to oppose the Temple of Mshak: The Sentinels! Organized by the Good Temples, this band of heroes attempts to stem the dark tide.

Campaign Overview
This is a world set mainly at Tech Level 4. Magic is a real force and a very few people have the ability to control and use magic (5 point unusual background for every level of magery). For the most part actual Mages are held in awe, respect and fear. Most people will have a mild negative modifier to a mage as they are considered different, but very few would ever cross a mage. Healers and Bards are very well respected and by custom are allowed free travel almost anywhere in the known world. Woe unto anyone who is known to raise his hand against a healer or bard, the people and governments will actively hunt them down and usually not bother with a trail. Religion is also a major force as the gods of this world are real and imbue their faithful with special powers.

The known world consists of five major powers; the Imperium, Aryan, Malacca, Arctica, and the Badlands. The Imperium is probably the major power in the world. It consists of three countries, Altan, Ibrania and Ressen, each ruled by it’s own royal family. The Imperium itself is ruled by an Emperor chosen by the royal houses. However, the Emperor cannot be a member of any royal house and once chosen is Emperor until he dies or abdicates. The royal houses are in fact feudal vassals of the Emperor. Aryan consists of hundreds of principalities nominally united under the rule of the Rajana and Panchayat (Sacred counsel of five), but are actually independent and mostly at each others throats. If not for it’s internal fighting Aryan would certainly be the leading power in the world with it’s lands rich in agriculture, mines and spices.

Malacca is a land of vast deserts interspersed with a few great rivers and many oasis. The inhabitants are fierce nomadic tribesmen who live off their herds and raiding. No army has ever successfully penetrated he great desert although quite a few have tried. Arctica consists of bitter cold mountainous islands which are host to grim clansmen who make their living from subsistence farms, reindeer herds and the sea. The clans are renown for their ships, metalwork and skill as merchants. It is said they could sell sand to a Malaccan nomad. While the clans constantly feud amongst themselves all arguments are set aside in the face of any external threat. The Badlands are home to the Orc gangs and other more terrible creatures. The geography is forbidding volcanic rock with many active volcanoes, dark primordial forests and bleak scrubland. Everything in it is sharp, hard or viscous. This is where the minions of the dark god have their holdfasts.


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