Bowman Jones

human, black hair, brown eyes, facial scar, 5 foot 11 inches, 185 lbs, Age 35, male, Sentinel


Name: Bowman Jones Race: Human Total Point Value: 300

ST: 12(20 points) DX: 18(160 points) IQ: 12(40 points) HT: 12(20 points)

Advantages: Acute hearing-1, Acute vision-1,
Animal Empathy, Combat Reflexes, Toughness-2 (tough Skin), Danger Sense,
Fearlessness-10, Fit, Outdoorsman-2, Owns Pegasus, Rapid Healing

Disadvantages: Charitable, Gentleman’s code of honor, Curious, Impulsiveness,
Killjoy, Loner, Pacifism, Sense of duty (Friends), Slow eater, Stubbornness,
Trademark (Black Fletching), Workaholic, Attentive, Careful, Congenial,
Distinctive feature (Facial scar) Dreamer

Aerobatics (16)
Animal Handling (pegasai) (11)
Animal Handling (equines) (11)
Bow (19)
Brawling (18)
Camouflage (15)
Cartography (11)
Fast-Draw (Arrow) (19)
Fast-Draw (Knife) (19)
First Aid (human) (12)
Hiking (11)
Knife (18)
Naturalist (earth) (12)
Navigation (land) (13)
Riding (equines) (17)
Riding (pegasai) (17)
Stealth (17)
Strategy (air) (10)
Strategy (land) (11)
Survival (desert, jungle, mountain, plains, woodlands) (17)
Swimming (12)
Tactics (10)
Tracking (17)
Traps (11)
Weather sense (11)

Composite bow (Fine Quality), Large knife (Very Fine Quality), Small knife (Very Fine Quality)
Possessions: Small backpack, canteen, compass, flying leathers (Fine Quality)(+1 Riding),
matches, personal basics, pouch, rope, sleeping fur, telescope (Very Fine, Rugged)

Sentinels Package: 0 points
• Patron (Temple of Pharas/Ramajar/Fazzual/Bal/Ushak) [15 points]
• Legal Immunity level 2 [10 points]
• Legal Enforcement Powers level 3 [15 points]
• Reputation +2 (Everyone, all the time) [10 points]
• Allies (other Sentinals, infrequently, moderately powerful) [10 points]
• Enemy (Temple of Mshak, et al., actively hunts Guardians) [-30 points]
• Intolerance (Minions of Mshak) [-10 points]
• Extremely Hazardous Duty [-20 points]


Greatest accomplishments include obtaining Pegasus.

Did some scouting, and explored several territories.

Tends to be blunt and over excited about protection and enemies. Not a good initiator of
diplomatic and casual encounters.

Usually tends to be a loner, and stubborn.

Speaks and writes Imperium as a native.

Bowman Jones

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