Character Monkey

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Name: Character Monkey Race: Primate Total Point Value: 300

ST: 10(0 points) DX: 10(10 points) IQ: 12(20 points) HT: 10(0 points)

Advantages: Godlike Powers of Gamemasterness, Giving and taking away character points, Changing the laws of physics on a whim, Total weather control, Incredible Humility.

Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Bad Memory, Likes to munch characters for snacks.

Quirks: Irritable, Bad Jokes, Lecherous, Bribable (possibly an advantage).

World Building-25(12 points)
World Destroying-30(15 points)
Character Building-25(1 point)
Character Destroying-30(2 points)
Non Sequitors-30(0 points)
Attitude Adjustment-25(automatic)
Mathematics-99(1 million points)
Computer Science-3(-2 points)
American English-8(-1 points)
American Sign Language-10(1 point)
Gestured Sign Langauge-20(automatic)



A back story is required. It must be approved by the Game Master.

Character Monkey

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